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Recording/Mixing Services

Capture the best performance possible for the world to hear at our recording studio and have it mixed to compete with current streaming and radio standards.

Tel: 07340236059


Recording Studio

£25 per hour.


£100 per mix

£60 (reduced fee if

recorded in house)

We have installed and built our studio room with professional level gear and treatment to ensure the best recording environment possible. Our recording specialists have years of industry experience recording, producing, mixing and mastering bands and artist of all different genres.

We promise to go the extra mile to make sure you music sounds the best it can be for the world to hear.

Currently taking on singles and E.P projects.

Common questions.

When do you know you are ready to record?

When your song(s) are fully written and rehearsed. This makes the recording process a lot quicker, enjoyable and means you can focus on getting the best sound instead of rehearsing/writing parts.

Does the whole band need to be there at the same time?

Not necessarily as most professional sessions record one instrument at a time but everyone is welcome.

Does recording include mixing and mastering?

No this is a separate part of the production process but we offer these services and are happy to include discounts on these if you record with us.

When will I get my mix back?

Depending on how big the project is it can take one to three weeks.

Do I get any revisions?

Yes you get 3 revisions per mix.

Our Engineers

David Clulow

Daniel Wheale

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