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Terms and Conditions

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Paying For Lessons

At the Dynamic Music Centre we want to focus on our students as much as possible so to cut down on administration time we run a no cash policy for lessons and guitar repair services.


Once you have a time date and tutor confirmed you will receive an email notification for payment at least a week before your lessons start. Each month is paid for in advance to secure your time slot. We accept all major credit and debit cards along with apple pay.

Our Terms and Conditions.


- Lessons are paid for in advance. 

- Lessons will not commence unless they have been paid for.


- Failure to make payment or regular late attendance could result in your time slot being allocated to another student.

Cancellation Policy:

-At least 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule a lesson otherwise it will be charged. We will send you a no-show notification and the tutor will still be paid for the allotted time slot.


-You can cancel or reschedule your lessons two times per term as long as at least 24 hours’ notice is given.

- You can either receive a refund for any cancelled lessons or it can be taken of the following months bill.

- During holiday periods lessons are not charged for.


-If a tutor is unable to attend a lesson and we cannot provide a substitute you will not be charged.

- If you decide to cancel your lessons for whatever reason any untaken pre-paid lessons will be refunded.

- If your regular time slot becomes unsuitable or you wish to change it please contact us and we will try to arrange a more suitable time and date. This does not affect your number of cancellations per term.


- We would ask that you do not contact you tutors via their private contact information or social media accounts to cancel or reschedule lessons. Please contact The Dynamic Music Centre directly via phone, text, or email.

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